“In my work I present enigmatic views of everyday objects, mysterious structures and shapes that only reveal their true nature after a second or even third examination, and turn the spotlight on objects that would otherwise have gone ignored. This way I extend the boundaries of photography beyond their accustomed limits, awakening associations and drawing our imaginations further into the unknown. I use light to paint images, capturing mysterious simulacra of my perceptions – a section, an unusual perspective, a play of light and shadow or a reflection - always eschewing macro photography or image editing.”

Bernd Sannwald, Art Photographer, Munich

Exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York

Three photographic works by Bernd Sannwald are selected

At the 30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, held this year, artworks from all over the world receive the accolade of selection by a high-calibre jury. The many entries are narrowed down to a final 30 artists, whose works are exhibited at the prestigious Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Three works from Bernd Sannwald were accepted.

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Bernd Sannwald – Art Photographer, Munich

Biography of Bernd Sannwald

Art Photographer, Munich

Bernd Sannwald was born near Stuttgart in 1953. Photography was part of his life since early youth. He studied with renowned photographers including Jacqueline Esen, Gérard Pleynet and Dr. Erwin Geiss before opening his own studio in Solln, a district of Munich, in 2011. He also was elected to join  the local artists’ association "Künstlerkreis Münchner Süden".

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Mysteries and surprises

Bernd Sannwald’s art photography

Photographs that often resemble paintings: Bernd Sannwald brings a painterly handling of light, expressed with clarity and conciseness, to his work and in doing so inspires feelings approaching contemplation, indeed physical resonance.

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Photographs by Bernd Sannwald in Grünwald, Munich

Geheimnisvoll (Mysterious)

Exhibition and Opening in Grünwald

Estate agency Von Poll Immobilien in Grünwald near Munich will present an exhibition of photographs by Munich art photographer Bernd Sannwald from 27 February to 24 April 2015. The exhibition contains 18 large-scale photographs depicting unusual and striking aspects of everyday objects, enigmatic structures and shapes that only reveal their true nature after a second or even third examination.

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